How to choose the right oil seal?

There are many kinds of oil seals in the market now, such as traditional oil seal, skeleton oil seal, split oil seal and so on, plus its material, it is countless, how to find the most cost-effective oil seal in a wide variety of oil seals is very important to us.
Before selecting the oil seal we should have a preliminary understanding of the oil seal, know what role the oil seal actually has, oil seal, oil seal as the name implies is to block the oil outward flow, so that the oil in a space effectively saved, in fact, literally we can know the role of the oil seal, the oil seal is to block the power equipment within the lubricating oil outward seepage, so that the oil within the equipment to get continuous and efficient use.


To see the good or bad of an oil seal, we must first know its material, and see how much temperature its main material can withstand, so that we can initially grasp its application range, different materials, there are differences in temperature, flexibility, sealing effect, service life, and want to choose the best oil seal, its material composition is a link that cannot be ignored.


To measure the goodness of oil seal, it mainly depends on its sealing and service life, which is the best point to measure the value of oil seal, and these two points are related to the structure of oil seal. The traditional oil seal is pure rubber, so it will regularly seep oil in use, so many manufacturers are not choosing this oil seal now, only in some old motors. The skeleton type and split type are the mainstream oil seals in the market now, adding the skeleton of special polymer composite elastic material or imported Z-shaped spring on the original basis, increasing the resilience and stiffness of the oil seal, and improving the followability of the lip to the shaft, avoiding the inherent shortcomings of the lip of hard material, through the structural changes of the oil seal to understand its sealing principle.


When we feel no problem about the oil seal material, structure, sealing effect, life etc., we should conduct a field installation experiment to see if the oil seal is easy to install, which is the most important one when the oil seal is in use, if the oil seal is the best in all aspects, but it takes a long time to install, if so we will give priority to it, this oil seal is only suitable for new equipment This kind of oil seal is only suitable for new equipment, and in industrial supplies, its value will shrink a lot, especially in some large equipment, the importance of easy installation is much greater than the material and structure of the oil seal.

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Post time: Jan-03-2023